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  - I value test performance and scientific insights over ineffective theories or model hypes.
  - I believe 1 remarkable paper is way more valuable than 1000 mediocre papers.
  - I enjoy working only with top people (i.e., super smart and deliverable).
  - I don't push others, but I am always responsive and supportive.
  - I don’t appreciate hard-working, elasticity is preferred.
  - I hire slow and fire fast.

Academic Service

Teaching Assistant - Michaelmas/Lent are our Cambridge's terms for Fall/Spring semesters
  - Statistical Inference, Lent '20 & '21
  - Lab: Spectrum Analysis, Michaelmas '20
  - Statistical Signal Processing, Michaelmas '19 & '20

Reviewer & Area Chair
  - Workshop proposals for NeurIPS '21, '23, '24
  - Nature Machine Intelligence, Nature Electronic, Harvard Data Science Review, IEEE TPAMI etc

Co-Organizer & Team Member
  - Workshop on ML for Material Discovery, ICLR '23
  - Workshop on AI for Science, NeurIPS '21 & '22; ICML '22
  - Human Cell Atlas, Data Integration Team
  - Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Virtual Cell Team & AI Resident etc

Mentor - Send me an email if you are interested in working with us at 1) Genentech (see description) or 2) Stanford CS.
  - In 2024, I start hosting interns at Genentech (Regev Lab) and RAs at Stanford (Leskovec Lab): Yichun He (Harvard SEAS PhD), Arora Rohit (Harvard Medical School PhD), Chenyu Wang (MIT CSAIL PhD), Nikil Ravi (Stanford CS MS)

Digital Nomad [GitHub]

I currently live in Xuzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Palo Alto, Berkeley, Tokyo (Chiba), Shanghai (ChangNing), Cambridge, Nice, Monaco, Istanbul, Seoul (Gangnam), Cambridge, London (Westminster), Cherry Hinton, Shanghai (HuangPu), Beijing (HaiDian), Los Angeles (Arcadia), San Diego (La Jolla), Beijing (HaiDian), Bay Area (Menlo Park).

I spent most of my teenage in Suzhou where, along with its neighbors Wuxi and Shanghai, hosts the main Chinese R&D and manufacturing sites for many leading pharmas, including Pfizer, GSK, Eli Lilly, Roche/Genentech, and AstraZeneca.


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