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Hanchen Wang is a PostDoc Fellow with Jure Leskovec at Stanford CS and Aviv Regev at Genentech. His lead work published in Nature, Nature Machine Intelligence and NeurIPS. He co-organized workshops on "AI for Science" in NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR. He obtained a CS Ph.D from Cambridge with Joan Lasenby from Trinity College; a Physics BS from Nanjing, where he was the commencement speaker. He secured university admission at age 15 while studying at Suzhou High School. He also spent time in a few academic institutions, tech, finance companies, and three biotech startups. He's a national athelete in 400m.

王瀚宸是斯坦福计算机系和基因泰克新药研发部门的联合博后研究员, 师从Jure Leskovec教授和美国科学院院士Aviv Regev。在AI for Science方向,他作为第一作者在Nature, Nature Machine Intelligence等期刊上发表文章,也在ICML, NeurIPS, ICLR等计算机会议上发表论文、举办workshop。他高一时从苏州中学保送至南京大学匡亚明学院物理系,师从王欣然教授,毕业时作为学生代表发言。随后他三年内在剑桥大学信息工程系获得计算机博士学位,师从三一学院院士Joan Lasenby。他在金融(债券; 资管; 量化)、互联网大厂和生物制药初创公司工作过,在400米田径项目上是国家三级运动员,爱翻书,爱旅行。