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Hanchen Wang is a PostDoc with Jure Leskovec at Stanford CS and Aviv Regev at Genentech. His first-author work published in Nature, Nature Machine Intelligence, NeurIPS. He co-organized workshops related to "AI for Science" in NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR. He obtained an ML Ph.D from Cambridge ('19-'22) with Joan Lasenby from Trinity College; a Physics BS from Nanjing ('14-'18), where he was commencement speaker. He secured university admission while studying at Suzhou High at age 15. Previously, he also spent time in a few academic institutions, tech, finance companies, and three biotech startups.

王瀚宸现任斯坦福计算机系与基因泰克新药研发部门联合博后研究员, 师从Jure Leskovec教授和Aviv Regev院士。他作为第一作者在Nature, Nature Machine Intelligence, NeurIPS上发表文章,也在ICML, NeurIPS, ICLR上举办一些"AI for Science"主题的研讨会。他高一时从苏州中学保送至南京大学匡亚明学院物理系(2014-2018),师从王欣然教授。之后他在剑桥大学信息工程系获得机器学习博士学位(2019-2022),师从三一学院院士Joan Lasenby教授。他在互联网、金融和生物制药行业都待过。