Hanchen Wang   

Hey! I'm an incoming PostDoc at Stanford Computer Science and Genentech Research & Early Development, with Jure Leskovec and Aviv Regev.

I earned a PhD in Machine Learning ('19 - '22) from Cambridge, with Joan Lasenby at Trinity. I obtained a Physics BSc from Nanjing ('14 - '18).

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Interests in Research [in Life] >
I now work on AI/ML + Genomics, Genetics and Novel Therapeutics. I am also interested in Clinical Research, Machine Learning System, and Foundation Model in Science. I contribute to AI for Science, ML for Materials & Human Cell Atlas.

Publication >
I lead projects published in Nature, Nature Machine Intelligence, NeurIPS, ICCV and so on.

Misc >
I enjoy Reading, Athletics, Making new friends, and Traveling!

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