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Hi! I'm a Postdoc Fellow at Stanford CS & Genentech, with Jure Leskovec & Aviv Regev. I got my CS PhD from Cambridge with Joan Lasenby at 25, a Physics BS from Nanjing.
Besides school, I worked in finance, then interned at tech giants & biotech startups. Now, I explore AI's potential in Therapeutics & Science, see more in my paper.
I enjoy reading & traveling, and perform at a national athlete level in 400m 🏃🏻‍♂️
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[24.05] At Regev Lab, we have 6 interns this summer. Among them, I host Yichun & Chenyu (co with Masa). We are working on agents and diffusion models. Stay tuned!!

[24.04] Our new work uses Drifting Cell Islands to reveal potential limitations of scIB, the gold standard for data integration and foundation models for cells. Check it out!