Hanchen Wang   

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Teaching Assistant, all at Cambridge
- Inference, Lent 2020 and 2021
- Lab IB: Spectrum Analysis, Michaelmas 2020
- Statistical Signal Processing, Michaelmas 2019 and 2020

- Workshop Proposals for NeurIPS
- ICLR, ICML, NeurIPS, ISMB, CVPR, KDD, AAAI, and so on
- Nature Machine Intelligence, Nature Electronic, TPAMI, and so on

- Workshops on "AI for Science", NeurIPS '21, '22, ('23); ICML '22; Twitter, LinkedIn
        sponsored by Microsoft Research AI4Science, BioMap and DeepMind
- Workshop on "ML for Material Discovery", ICLR '23
        sponsored by Microsoft Research AI4Science
- Reading group on "Foundation Models and Life Sciences", in prep
- Workshop on "FLAME: Foundation Models for AI in Life Sciences and Medicine", in prep

- Adhithya Saravanan (Cambridge '24), SURF @ Anima's Group at Caltech, '23 Summer

Shout out for the '23 intern cohort at Regev's group at Genentech (Kexin, Xinming, Jerry)

Talks [More] >
Research, Startup
- [18-21] quite a bite on some QishiCPC (Premium Member) seminars
- [19. xx] call/pitch/pre on ''Cantab Care'', a startup I co-founded

- [23.06] Deciphering Batch Effect in Single-Cell Biology with Concept Bottlenecks
at places including THU; PKU; Google DeepMind; Cambridge MLG; Microsoft Research AI4Science, Sanger Institute; Caltech CM+S; CGSI; HCA; ...)
- [23.04] Opportunities and Challenges in "AI for (Therapeutical) Science", Swarma Pattern
- [22.09] Learning from Structured Data with Weak Supervision, GenenTech

- Fond of reading, traveling, and exercising
- Achieved the 3rd level of National Athlete in 400 meters
- Know a whit about Classical Chinese, Japanese and French
- Used to be Vice President of Cambridge Algorithmic Trading Society
- Won the 2nd prizes in both China High School Biology and Physics Olympiad
- Used to play instruments incl. Erhu (10 years) and Ocarina, achieved the highest level at 11
- Trade on Crypto (since '19) and US/CN Equity (since '18), sometimes in automated high-freq manners

Personal Press - [21.11] Press, by The University of Cambridge, on our Nature Machine Intelligence paper
- [17.10] Press, by China Embassy in San Francisco, on my exchange study in UC Berkeley

Traveling Plan

I currently live in Xuzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Palo Alto, Berkeley, Tokyo (Chiba), Shanghai (ChangNing), Cambridge, Nice, Monaco, Istanbul, Seoul (Gangnam), Cambridge, London (Westminster), Cherry Hinton, Shanghai (HuangPu), Beijing (HaiDian), Los Angeles (Arcadia), San Diego (La Jolla), Beijing (HaiDian) -> Bay Area (Menlo Park)...

In 2023, I will be at events including ZGC Forum, CGSI, ASHG, BayLearn, NeurIPS, and I mainly reside in Beijing and Bay Area.

Send me an email if you are around and like to chat!

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